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Personal workshops and coaching to help you find the best of yourself! Learn how to relax and find your centre using the principles of aikido, unleashing your natural power and revealing your resourceful states. Have you been feeling anxious? Uncertain? Worried about the future? Find your mojo again!

In these fun, mind-blowing workshops, Gerald Lopez will show you, through gentle and accessible aikido exercises, how to quickly and decisively find a state of strength, balance and calmness, so you can move into the world with confidence, strong boundaries, and awareness.

Our training helps you discover your natural resourceful states with the following possible results:

• Calm confidence and courage
• Awareness and sensitivity to signals and shifts in people and environment
• Feeling centred, grounded and dynamically relaxed
• Feeling mentally, emotionally and physically stable and stronger
• Improved self-esteem
• Connection and empathy
• Influence, mana and leadership
• Creativity in the face of challenges
• Healthy choice-making and body awareness

The training is largely based on aikido - a Japanese martial art - but does not require any physical skills or fitness. The principles were distilled in the 1950s by one of the leading teachers of aikido - Koichi Tohei - who also incorporated yoga practices. They in turn have been adapted to Western and modern lifestyles over 40 years, have been successfully taught in schools and businesses in Europe and the US, and are now being introduced for the first time in New Zealand by MindBody Dojo.

Do you have a group of people who would benefit from a fun, confidence-boosting, relaxing workshop? Contact us now to discuss!

"I enjoyed the extremely inviting, relaxed but active and fun environment. Such occasions are often prone to becoming a bit awkward for people, but was definitely not the case here."

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